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We are located in Mytikas at West Greece next to the Ionian Sea

Mytikas is surrounded by picturesque beauty and attractive beaches, in the summer months it turns into a tourist destination, we make it easy for you to visit all the beautiful places at our region.

Vacations in Mytikas

We will help you to spend your holidays in Mytikas. From living among the residents to your walks around, it is certain that you will return home with memories and wonderful moments.


Mytikas of Etoloakarnania is built on a pointed piece of land that protrudes into the waters of the Ionian, on the west coast of Acarnania, is considered a unique travel proposal for those seeking tranquility and relaxation.

Its pebble beach with turquoise waters, the beautiful view of the Akarnanian mountains and the neighboring islands compose an idyllic environment. In the modern port of Mytikas moor boats, fishing and excursion boats. Mytikas is connected daily with Kalamos and Kastos.

It is named Mytikas because it is located on a pointed ledge of the land towards the Ionian Sea. The village is located in an area rich in vegetation and with beaches of turquoise waters. There are well-maintained mansions and houses with traditional architecture.

The church of Agios Nikolaos, the ruins of the church of Agia Sophia, a three-aisled early Christian basilica, a short distance from Mytika, and the chapel of Agia Eleousa with beautiful views attract lovers of religious tourism and more. In the wider area of ​​Mytikas is located Alyzia, an important city of antiquity.

Mytikas is a relatively new village. Its first organized settlement is located at the beginning of the 19th century, while the first inhabitants come from the surrounding areas and villages. Today, residents who come from the surrounding villages of the Municipality, other neighboring Municipalities as well as the villages of Kalamos, compose the mosaic of modern Mytikas.
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"As Italian restaurants owners we share the highest rating for Alexander. They are number one in Mitikas, we will definitely be back."

Giacomo D.
"Great food, impeccable service, very kind staff, unique location !! The most refined restaurant in the area !!"
Ellie D.
"Beautiful, clean and minimally decorated rooms and studios with modern equipment for all needs! Delicious traditional cuisine !!! The best sea view!!!"
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"Great place, great rooms and very clean, perfect food! The view is magnificent ...! "
Labrini S.

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